We are entering into the dark abyss, can you feel it?

Readying ourselves for an astringent scrubbing of our deep inner cave’s walls. Where stories upon stories have been etched into the strata with the fingers and blood of our ancestral lineage. The murky waters clouded with healed and healing healings, rising to the top releasing its steam through our eyes. Our bodies inundated with the remembrance of suffering; of the illusions that tricked our minds into believing that our experiences are devoid of love.

The Spirit of Love is a tricky one, a jester of sorts. Holding mirrors at all angles, tickling you to look, to look into all of the mirrors at once. To look upwards and downwards, and leftwards and rightwards, and upsidedownways and rightsideupways; until you see it. Sometimes it takes (in the human measurement of time) seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years, or maybe never at all.

And on the Winter Solstice every year, if you have chosen to look, to open your eye (not the two, but the one eye) even just once … the jester will come traipsing through to lead you down and down again into the cave, the rabbit hole if you will, to review, remember, reevaluate.

So many themes of healing and truth became visible to me this year. And thank god that I chose to open my eye, just that one time however many years ago; because once it looked, it did not lose its ability to see. In fact, its sight grew stronger, swifter, deeper.

When I feel most embodied by Spirit, and when my sense of sight feels ever strong, I can feel, literally feel, the DNA of my maternal grandmother vibrating within me. She has guided me so much into this journey of unraveling and healing, and learning once again how to love. And my oh my am I taken aback every. single. time. something is finally seen. Mirrors that have been held there for YEARS are finally able to shift their perspective; alas to reveal yet another reflection.

…for those of us willing and strong and soft and vulnerable and sensitive enough to continue to bear the weight of these opportunities to heal again and again and again and again with no end in sight, there is a deep knowing that this work in the Light realm is worth it. Even if it feels like a meat grinder and the dark blades of death could lacerate us at any moment.

And after all, isn’t that the thrill of it anyway?

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  1. Yes, yes, yes. What an honor we have to do this work! Thank you for so beautifully capturing its depths, and blazing trails for others to catch a glimpse.

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