Hey girl, hey! This is it! Anutha one! 2020 vision, seeing clearly; clearly-er. Let us start fresh, with a blank canvas. A canvas that has been seasoned and primed for this new expression. Let us channel the elements ever-stronger. Let us beckon the voices of our guides and angels to provide us with direction, inspiration, laughter, hope & joy. May I utilize this next 366 (leap year, ya’ll) days to learn. Learn through studies, learn through experience, learn through embodiment. May I utilize these days for tapping deeply into the well of my own innate intuitive wisdom through a developed meditation practice. May I become skilled and a well-versed master of my trades– teaching, yoga, writing, healing. May I relinquish control to the Creator. May the Creator guide me through the fields of Lightness. May we find balance between stirring and stillness. May we find space for the intervention of Spirit. May it be so, and so IT IS.

With deepest bows of gratitude and humility,


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