With so much time to myself, creating some kind of loose structure or ritual, particularly with my meditation practice and tapping into Spirit each day, has really helped tether me to the current reality and far beyond. And actually it has helped show me how the decade (!!!) of accumulated tools, belief system refinements, and spiritual work I have done has actually shifted me significantly.

Doing a ritual card reading for astrological time markers such as the New or Full Moon as well as for planetary retrogrades, and even my 33rd birthday last December, have reinforced what I have already been tapping into intuitively and have acted as further guidance and affirmation that I am in alignment.

Developing, fostering and sharing the act of the rituals that have worked for me has also been a calling that has been tickling my body-mind-Spirit.

Thankfully, we have so many tapped in beings of Light that are channeling wisdom and direction for us. So in this content offering, I’ll be sharing the wisdom of @moonandcactus and the tarot spread+questions she offered up for us for Pluto Rx.

For this spread I used Kim Krans’ Animal Spirit Deck which can be found here! Her deck is always on point, especially when intentionally shuffled and infused with your essence as guided by your ancestors. My recommendation is to let your mind be guided intuitively by the voices of your ancestors who, when really heard, can guide you to exactly where you need to be and what your points of focus should be for the greater development of your body-mind-Spirit and untangling of the karmic webs of ancestral trauma. (Not sure what this means?? Stay tuned for another post on this!)

In any case, shuffle with intention, presence, and awareness. Stay tapped in to your innate inner wisdom and intuitive self who is ever-present and ready to share the Truth beyond the veils of Illusion.

I also highly recommend tapping into your inner-writing voice to create a narration of your reading to support your receptivity to the messages received. Write it as if you are talking to YOU; the guide within you talking to the current form of you.

Here is my reading for Pluto Rx (Pluto will station retrograde on April 25, 2020 at 24°59′ Capricorn, and will station direct on October 4, 2020 at 22°29′ Capricorn).

I invite you to share yours as well!

Many blessings to you and your ancestors. Sat nam!

Being of Light and Wisdom, what is Pluto calling into the cycle of death at this time? The Fire Ant representing the element of Fire (action, spontaneity, enthusiasm, and creativity) , calls you to let go of aggression, rigid thinking, following orders, blaming others, stewing on other people or particular situations and drama. To remain in balance, call upon the qualities of thoughtfulness and discipline. If you choose to remain in a place of imbalance, excess heat will remain and your desires for gossiping and arguing will continue to strengthen. Instead, find time alone and go for walks in the evening to relinquish the chains of anger and animosity.

When you choose to release these tendencies and allow the cycle of death to move this aggression, the Swan spirit guide representing the element of Water (fluidity and flowing with the tides of change) will bring effortless creativity, sensitive mysticism, and elegant power. Your sense creativity will heighten and the presence of Saraswati, goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom and learning will be your guide. Allow for fluidity in your creative expressions, as your soul is calling for active expression of your inner visions. To remain in balance allow that infinite creative power to FLOW! But be cautious of the shadow aspects of agitation, snippiness and skewed vision. Again, spend time alone, practice cutting cords, and do some writing.

In order to embrace this new transformation, the Moth, representing the element of Air (intellect, problem-solving, communication, inventiveness) cautions you from being impulsive, hasty, and wishful. Be aware of a tendency towards the idea that “the grass is greener on the other side” as this will leave you disappointed and burnt out. Remember that the cycles of life are complex and that Life in an infinite mystery, constantly unfolding and folding upon itself. To remain in balance, channel your enthusiasm and find opportunities to be whimsical. Try to avoid idealizing others and becoming jittery in your energy. Channel your energy to strive towards finishing a project that you have been incubating.

What can keep me focused during this transit? The Hyena representing the element of Fire (action, spontaneity, enthusiasm, and creativity) is here to remind you of your tendencies toward humor, wit and sarcasm. Being a jokester is natural for you and you often rely on this less-than-serious way of expressing your Truth! It’s all good, just remember to take your goals seriously at this particular time. Balance yourself by continuing to be charming, witty, and fun to be around! And be mindful to steer yourself away from being scrappy, petty, and suspicious of others. Keep the body-mind-Spirit clear by staying sober!

Finally! Here is some guidance from Pluto who has presented itself through the spirit of the Spider, represented by the element of Earth (practicality, groundedness, dependability). Your life’s work supports your feeling of Prosperity. Activate your dharmic path through patience and weave the threads of your dharma into the cosmic tapestry. This will not only support you, but those around you! Creativity is everywhere if you continue to choose to remain process-oriented! Continue to weave the magical tapestry to tap into Abundance energy. Stay appreciative, enthusiastic and prosperity will follow. Don’t be discouraged or become forlorn instead, be playful with your creative expression!

If you would like me to do a reading for you using the same deck and translate it into a personalized narrative, contact me through the Connect page or through Instagram @gracefulembodiedremembrance.

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