Thinking in metaphors….

Can you envision… a beautiful, streaming, magical flow of Water? Fierce flowing Water. Moving. Transforming. Scary at times. Mellow and gentle at times. Moving minerals. Moving rocks. Weathering the stones. Widening the banks, opening up greater capacity for flow.

You know her. You’ve witnessed her. So many forms she can take; Water.

And I am the Earth. The stones being weathered. The banks widening and opening up. The flora flowing, twisting, disintegrating; nutrients dispersing. The moss making a home on her. Symbiosis.

Then there are the logs, the twigs, the sticks. Rich. Thick. Fibrous. Sinewy.

Falling into her. Onto her. Flowing with her. Tossing. Turning. Jamming. Damming.

So many incarnations the Earth takes amidst the Water. And the one I’ve come here to learn, to study, to see in myself is the damming. Not damning, damming. (But also damning.)

Dams. The excitement in redirecting Water. Halting its flow, watching it gather. And gather. and gather. and gather. And that’s it. Gathering. Overflowing. Flooding. Drowning. Dispersing. Only to collect itself again.

Puddles. Ponds. Streams.

Reflections. New life.

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