Capricorn Sun, Libra Rising, Virgo Moon Earth Mama

Enlivened by music, writing, poetry, creating from the gifts of the Earth, convening with plant medicines, working with the youth, and exploring the deep inner realms; I am constantly in a state of reincarnating into different versions of myself.

My body; tanned, sturdy legs, attuned ears, carrying me through many incarnations.

My DNA — at its roots-indigenous, channeling my inner warrioress. Machete in hand, severing through generations of overgrowth.

Decolonizing my relationship to my ancestry–the works is constantly ebbing and flowing. Drawing me inwards into the deepest mysterious caves within and outwards into the vastness of the astral realms, sometimes as quickly as the sun rises and sets. The me that you meet is constantly in her process, pondering the wisdom and teachings in the day to day, connecting it to the stories playing out in the macrocosm. Living and speaking in metaphors, laughing in colors and cosmic bubbles. I am.