Welcome! To tell the journey of how I ended up in this incarnation today would be quite the story. So the abbreviated, “yoga teacher incarnation” version goes like this…

Once upon a boyfriend, once upon my first Lightning in a Bottle festival, once upon a time of great spiritual awakening, I found myself divinely and strategically placed in the front row of a yoga class with Aykanna teaching hefty breathing, repetitive movement, and strange, but extremely entrancing songs (mantras!).

Seeking I was and hooked I became. I immediately searched for Kundalini yoga (once someone finally explained to me what that experience was!!). I ended up finding a place (and practically the only place nearby) that had been orbiting me since I was a child going to Catholic school down the street from it.

My dearest teacher and mentor,
Guru Ram Dass Bir Singh Khalsa

How the flood gates and dams burst at their seams with the exploration and continuing journey into the abyss. And how much that has been shifted, healed, and revealed with these tools and gifts of not only the Kundalini yoga practice, but so many other modalities that I’ve learned along the way, including the medicine path.

Alas, I had found my teachers…

A homie and huge inspiration for my teaching today, Jap Dhir Singh
…and with yet another moment of Divine Alignment, found my way into the teacher training program at the Guru Ram Dass Ashram in San Francisco.