Magenta Magic Herbal Gift Box

Hey y’all! Steph & Heather here from Magenta Magic.

Heather and Steph share a passion for working with plant allies and healing modalities within the community context. Their collaborative efforts have resulted in the creation of this herbal gift box – which we are so happy to share with you!

To purchase this lovingly crafted gift box, click on the “Purchase” button below.

Important! Once you reach the Venmo webpage please pay according to what you would like to receive. If you are adding add-ons please specify in the comments section which product you would like to receive. Also include your name and address.

Thank you for your interest! Happy healing!

Magenta Magic is the collaborative effort of two soul sisters to serve health inducing, plant based, topical and ingestible products. This box is lovingly created to support our community’s   health and wellness.

Releasing November 2020: The ‘WINTER’ Box

The Winter Box is the debut of our collaboration and offers eight consciously created topical and ingestible products.

When we say “conscious” we mean that we have made the effort of ensuring that every decision that we make, from the plant allies that we chose, to the packaging materials we use, considers the communities we are serving and our planet. 

We have used as little plastic as possible – opting for reusable and recyclable materials including glass, paper and cardboard. All of our ingredients are organic and thoughtfully sourced. We want these products to be available for all and have considered pricing to ensure affordability.

So what’s in this box?!

The exchange for the box is $49 (includes shipping) and includes the following products: 

  • Magenta MagicSoothing & Lubricating Winter Tea Blend
  • Magenta MagicFire Cider Immunity Tonic 
  • Purple Serpent ApothecarySacred Body Salve
  • Pink Mountain Botanicals “Love Potion” – Face and Body Oil
  • Morris & WadeArtisanal Small Batch Moisturizing Soap
  • Winter Ritual Guides & Suggestions for Product Use

We also included a sample of:

  • Purple Serpent Apothecary Lion’s Heart Hair, Beard, and Body Oil
  • Purple Serpent Apothecary Sacred Body Salve for Sore Joints and Muscles

Interested in more?! Opt for the following add-ons: 

  • Personal Ceremonial Dose of Ruk’u’x Ulew CacaoA Mayan-owned Cacao business based out of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala ($5)
  • Purple Serpent Apothecary Green Gold Yoni Oil — A super nourishing, hydrating oil for external use on the Yoni portal (outer labia) ($8)
  • Surprise Me! — for an extra ($3) get an aromatherapy goodie from Purple Serpent Apothecary

Who is this box for?

This box is for anyone who has heard a call – even a whisper – to do something to help themselves or their loved ones. Our products are created to help nourish and inspire. They are an easy way to start to develop a practice of ritual-based self-care. Our hope is that when you reach for one of our products that they will help you ground into yourself – help bring awareness to what you need – and help you develop agency over your mind, body, and Spirit. YOU are capable of enabling your own healing and we are here to help you.

Every body is different.

We all have unique circumstances and needs and we want to help you explore what can be a medicine for you. We want to encourage self-discovery about what works for you and to help you navigate how to materialize those medicines.

We hope to help you explore some of the many medicines that are within reach on this beautiful planet. We offer our handcrafted medicines as a way to teach and inspire you, with the hopes that someday you will birth your own medicine. The answers always lie deep within your heart.

The medicine is all around & within us. Medicine can even come from making an everyday habit of a self-care practice. Maybe you reach for one of our body oils or soaps and ritualize it. Perhaps this season you start to feel low or need an immunity boost. You might try drinking our Fire Cider or making yourself a cup of our Soothing and Lubricating Tea. Perhaps you have had a hard day and need support to blossom your heart back open — the ceremonial cacao may be your chosen ally.

We want to encourage you to rise up – we want to help you navigate murky waters and find your way back to yourself so that we can rise in the medicine of community.

Let’s create a ripple of healing by starting with caring for ourselves.


“I have deepened my self-care and connection with plant medicine in such a beautiful and nourishing way!”

~Taraneh S.

The Sacred Body Salve helps with warming and relaxing my joints at night and simultaneously helps my dream recall.”

~Becca C.

“So, so good! I’ve been using the salve on my neck and fibromyalgia pain points.”

~Rashmi G.

“I rub the salve on the bottoms of my feet and drift off to sleep, where I meet Spirit for the answers I seek.”

~Kat D.

Invest in this gift of self-healing and ritual