“We may notice that our primary identification is no longer with the plane of reality that we started out with; we may notice that we are already participants in another realm or plane of consciousness, which has become more real to us that the one we left behind. This new realm too, will turn out to be an illusion, of course … but that will come in its own due time.”

Ram Dass

January-March 2020: the Earth Element Series at Be the change yoga and wellness

February-March 2020: The Fire ElEment Series at BReathe Together Yoga

Interested in deepening your connection to the most authentic version of yourself? That version of you that lies beyond the clouds of illusion and the complaining mind? Are you looking to develop your own rituals and spiritual practices?

Take a leap into the inner realms and beyond with me on Tuesdays, 7:15-8:30pm at Be the Change Yoga and Wellness, a donation-based collective in San Jose and Thursdays at Breathe Together Yoga, in Los Gatos.